Useful & Practical Web Development Tips For Beginners

Almost every business, ranging from small startups to large organizations, has a web presence. And to maintain the presence, they need the help of professional web developers. This is what makes web development a rising field of the modern era with thousands of new developers finding their start each year. However, web development isn’t easy as it looks. One error and the whole website can be destroyed. So when you are working on a web development Denver project, it makes sense to be very careful. In this blog, we bring to you some useful tips to follow as a beginner in the web development field.

Learn Git and GitHub

The first step you want to take to become a professional in the web development industry is to learn GitHub and Git. When you have a good understanding of Git commands and workflows, you are able to easily manage your project source code in a better way. In addition, learning Git will also help you collaborate with many other projects of your interest on Git.

Here is what you must know about Git:

  • How to initiate a Git repository?
  • How to stage/unstage your code changes?
  • How to commit and amend a commit?
  • How to push your changes to the repository?
  • How to merge another branch to your branch?
  • How to resolve merge conflicts?

On the internet, you can find a plethora of information available in the forms of videos, content and images to master all the above. Along with Git commands, make sure to also focus on learning GitHub and Workflow. You need to know,

  • How to create and manage repositories?
  • How to fork a repository and contribute to it?
  • How to manage branches?
  • How to create and manage Pull Requests?

Don’t just become a “Framework-Biased” developer

As a beginner, many web developers are likely to make this mistake. The fact here is that you must be able to work with different types of Frameworks available on the market. Let me name a few JavaScript-based web development frameworks/Libraries.

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Svelte
  • js (Well, react-based but deserve a separate mention)

There are high chances that I’ve covered your favorite one already. You might like one or more web development frameworks, but it is highly suggested that you do not become biased about it. By biased, I mean you prefer using a particular framework and find it more useful and reliable. In website development, Denver, being biased may force others with your opinion as well.

Take Notes of your Progress and Learning

One of the most important things to keep in mind as a beginner in web development is to know your flaws and make progress with the failures. This is only possible when you know if you are making mistakes, which can be done by making notes of your progress. While this might seem time-consuming sometimes, a good thing about this step is that it is a valuable part with a high return on investment. And this applies to every individual, including the specialists in Social media marketing as well as the Denver SEO expert.

You can try joining a self-invested challenge like #100daysofcode on Twitter to share the world about how are you progressing. This way, you can also connect with different like-minded people who can also suggest you something better to achieve your desired results on time. Make sure to document your learning as well.

Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice

Just like anything else, there is no alternative to practice in web development as well, especially when you want to become a professional in the field. You need to allocate enough time from your schedule to practice web development. Of course, you learn a lot of theory about the topic in college, but practice makes it a long way!

Here are some points principle for logical practicing of any new concept,

  • Pick a topic to learn – Choose a topic that you would like to learn and spend time practicing it. You can choose to break it into smaller topics, that’s great.
  • Read about the topic – The more you know about the topic, the more you are likely to learn. Make use of the internet to learn more. If there is a step-by-step tutorial available to practice, do that.
  • Create GitHub projects – Every project you work on, make sure to create a Github. Make it a habit as this will benefit you in the future.
  • Got stuck? Revisit the topic- In case you get stuck in something, which is likely to happen, it is suggested to learn, continue the project to complete it, and then go to the next topic.

Know the tools

A cool thing about web development Denver is that it can be made easy with the help of online tools that are easily available for free. Having the right tools with you for web development allows you to get ready to learn faster and more efficiently. The good news here is that you can get started with just three basic things:

  • Web Browser – This lets you let the code you have prepared. As a good web developer, you must learn how to comfortably use different kinds of browsers, but when you are at the initial stage, it’s fine to stick with one until you feel more comfortable.
  • Text Editors – This is another web development tool that allows you to write code. You can choose from different types of text editors available and your computer likely comes with a built-in one, but we recommend a more robust option.
  • Content Management System – This is software that facilitates editing, creating, and publishing your work. Good command over CMS systems is very important for professional web developers.

Final words

Just focus on enhancing your skills as a web developer and try learning new things. Just like a professional Denver SEO expert, you should also not stop learning the skills and technologies in web the development field.

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