Top things you should not miss in Dubai – 2022 guide

Dubai attracts more than a million sightseers every year. The reason is diverse tourist places, culturally rich heritage, an oasis of desert spots and activities, and an endless ocean. In this short Dubai itinerary, let’s discuss the things that should not be missed in Dubai.

The top of Burj Khalifa

Many people visit the Burj Khalifa but not from the top. The top view of the skyscraper is something you should not miss. Yeah, you must have to pay for going up, but it is worth your money. You can also have your meal on the top or just click the snap for your Instagram influencers.

Dubai Mall should be on your bucket list

Dubai Mall is not a shopping plaza; it is more than that. In the mall, you can enjoy authentic meals and adventurous activities. Other than Dubai Mall, more than 70 shopping destinations are available that offer luxurious dining arrangements for local and international cuisine. Witness the incredible underwater zoo aquarium at Dubai Mall.

Dubai has the best beaches to hit

An endless ocean surrounds Dubai, and hence Dubai has a magnificent coastline. You can experience Dubai’s luxury from the public beaches too. The numerous public and private beaches offer tons of water sports activities, such as scuba diving, swimming, and more. Also, it is the perfect site to explore local food as well.

Desert Safari is must to do

It’s Dubai, and there is no shortage of activities for adventure. Desert safari is something that everyone should indulge in. The desert sports like dune bashing, quad-biking, camel riding, and more can make your tour.

Rent a car in Dubai

In Dubai, you must rent a car for a satisfying trip. Dubai is a car-centric city, and many car rental companies offer luxurious brand cars for rent. If you are a car enthusiast and want to ride your desired car like Audi or BMW, you can get it at an affordable price in Sport car rental Dubai.

One day at Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island built over the Dubai ocean in a Palm tree shape. Inside the island, you can visit the private Atlantis hotel with pre-booking. There are many water sports and desert activities to partake in.

Forget yourself in the world of flowers

The miracle garden is the biggest natural garden on the planet. There are more than 45 million flowers grown and styled as per the shape of objects, such as airplanes, pyramids, and more. To explore the entire garden, you can use a pathway. And one more thing, don’t break the flowers because the act is punishable.

Enjoy abra ride on Dubai creek

The smooth abra ride across the creek will help you explore Dubai from a distinct standpoint. Though it’s a short trip, truly enjoyable.

Dubai frame exhilarates the visitors

Dubai Frame is one of the landmarks of the emirate, just like Burj Khalifa. It is the biggest photo frame ever in the world, and you can glimpse the fully transparent frame that you won’t see elsewhere in the world.

Zip over the Dubai Marina

Experience a thrilling adventure by zipping over the Xline Dubai Marina. Through this inclined ride, you will be zipping at 80km/h. So, be ready for a superman style ride.

Don’t forget Dubai Museums

Dubai has a rich history, and you can still glimpse this culture at old Dubai. Numerous museums let you live the golden history of Dubai, and the coffee museum is dedicated to the coffee culture and trading of Dubai.

Shop at Dubai old market

Dubai’s market is full of different types of spices and other stuff. You can come to the place for shopping or just walk around the market.

Bottom line

The list is endless, and once you land up in Dubai, you will find more things and places to explore. However, the above list would be mandatory for first-time visitors.

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