Synthetic Hair Transplant: Know the Significance of Synthetic Implantation

Hair loss is an undesirable experience for any person regardless of age and gender. The advancements in science have facilitated the need of individuals wishing to switch their looks. Synthetic hair transplant also referred to as artificial hair transplant could be a hair restoration procedure by implanting hair to areas that are affected because of balding or thinning. This can be because of genetic or environmental issues.

Synthetic hair transplant could be a new procedure that’s simple, quick, and painless to handle your concerns of balding or thinning. This procedure will be performed together with other procedures if not required alone. this can be certainly an honest choice for someone having limited hair availability within the donor area. Post-treatment management and care impact your scalp health for maintaining the steadiness of results. Medicated shampoos, prescribed medicines, and regular scalp cleaning are important factors to list giving long-lasting results. However, there are certain key points discussed during this article to think about whether this procedure is acceptable for you. Thorough knowledge of side effects and financial status is the governing factor to proceed with this.

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1. What’s Synthetic Hair Transplant?
Synthetic hair transplant could be a procedure that uses devices to implant synthetic hair which has the premise of artificial fiber and makes the synthetic hair biocompatible. This property increases durability and strength as compared to natural hair. This artificial hair transplant is an outpatient procedure and doesn’t require hospitalization in most cases. The person can resume the routine activities immediately after the procedure. Individuals can choose the form of the synthetic hair strand to be straight, wavy, or curly to align with their natural hair. These biocompatible synthetic hair strands also are available in numerous reminder colors and lengths to be selected as per necessity. This procedure could be a good option sure people having low-density hair on the scalp and who don’t wish to attend for months for the hair to grow by traditional hair implantation techniques. People having certain medical conditions of skin or scalp, asthma, heart, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, hepatitis must consult the doctor before discussing their hair implantation procedure. However, there are some points to contemplate that results don’t seem to be permanent and one would require reimplants per annum to take care of consistency.

2. Significance of Synthetic Implantation
It is imperative to grasp the key points of synthetic hair transplants to create an informed decision. the most important advantages of the synthetic hair transplant process are listed as

This is a good solution in cases of complete baldness
This procedure will be sought in later stages of your age
This is an outpatient procedure and you’re not required to halt your routine activities.
It doesn’t require any extensive post-operative procedures apart from regular cleaning and follow-ups
The procedure has the power to extend the density within some hours because it doesn’t require any long stay for hairs to grow
The change is observed immediately
Hairs won’t turn white or gray with aging
The affordability of the treatment helps to realize the specified look accessible to any or all
Since the synthetic hair transplant procedure is artificial, there are side effects and complications related to it.

The major complication is the rejection of the synthetic/ artificial hair by your body’s system as these follicles are ultimately foreign bodies. this will result in various allergies.
Re-implantation is critical each year to keep up the aesthetic look because of the progressive loss of synthetic hair follicles.
Regular cleaning of the hair scalp is mandatory to avoid any sebum plug formation which successively can cause sensitivity.
Special medicated shampoos and conditioners should be used which can be out of pocket for a few patients.
A slight probability of negative impact on surrounding native hair is observed within the long term.
You will have to adapt or increase your tolerance power to itch on the scalp as scratching the itch may dislodge the transplanted hair.
Some patients may experience headaches almost like migraines.

3. What’s the Procedure of Synthetic Hair Transplant?
Once the consultation of proceeding with the synthetic hair transplant is discussed with the doctor, fiber compatibility is performed approximately a month before the particular implantation for correct evaluation. Around 100 fibers are prepared to insert within the desired area and routine observations are monitored for any hypersensitivity. Once the sensitivity test is passed, the doctor proceeds with an entire implantation procedure. The procedure entails below listed steps:

Local anesthesia is employed to numb the scalp area.
Hair fiber strands are implanted one by one into the scalp with the assistance of a hair implant device. The device inserts the hair and ties a knot at the tip of every strand.
This entire step is repeated till the specified hair density is achieved.
Once the procedure is completed, the scalp is going to be cleaned with a disinfectant.
The number of fibers required to be implanted depends upon the realm of baldness to be covered. A maximum of 2000 synthetic hairs are often implanted in a very single session. it’s recommended to go to the clinic each month for a scalp cleaning procedure which helps in avoiding any formation of sebum plugs. Any formation of small and colorless bumps or cysts can cause inflammation and infection and need immediate medical attention for appropriate treatment.

4. How Long Synthetic Hair Transplant Lasts?
Synthetic implantation may be a temporary solution that needs re-implantation at the realm where a hair strand has fallen or broken. Additionally, cleaning the scalp is critical to keep up proper health so it’d not result in an infection which is again tiresome and out of pocket. The duration of implant results varies with post-operative care and management. The aesthetic results usually persist minimum for 2-5 years and maximum for 7-8 years with a tenth progressive loss of hair strands once a year.

5. what’s the value of a man-made Hair Transplant?
Various factors decide the price of artificial hair transplant procedure like skin type, the number of strands to be implanted, area to be covered, medical scans including allergy test, any existing medical condition or complications, doctor’s experience, the infrastructure of hospital/ clinic, medical supplies employed in the procedure, post-operative consultations, and follow-up maintenance. the price of every follicle ranges from INR 85-120 with a mean of INR 100. If the world is larger to hide, you would possibly increase your budget accordingly.

Take Away
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