Profile of He Zhi Wen – Mediterranean Games Almería 2005

He Zhi Wen (Spain)

He Zhi Wen (Spain) PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : He Zhi Wen Date of birth : 05/31/1962 Place of birth : China Weight : 62 kg. Height : 1.70 m. SPORTS DATA Club : Caja Granada Table Tennis Club Coach : Vladimir Choubine AWARDS 1985: First place in the World Team Championship. 1991-2005: Champion of the Spanish League. 1998: Twentieth place in the European Team Championship. … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Look Into Real Estate Investing Companies

5 Reasons You Should Look Into Real Estate Investing Companies

Being a landowner has always been connected with prestige, prosperity, and authority. Along with gold, it was the most secure method of protecting one’s money. Numerous new investing alternatives emerged as we transitioned into the contemporary age. For investors, there were several ways to save their money, including investments in equities and bonds, fixed deposits, … Read more

List Of 7 Benefits of Having PR Company In Dubai

List Of 7 Benefits of Having PR Company In Dubai

PR Company is, also known as Public Relations Company, is a communication channel to the world. The prominence given to PR is increasing rapidly in a business organization. As the benefits associated with effective PR campaigns keep on increasing, its demand in the business organizations also keeps on growing. PR Companies in Dubai in a business … Read more

Why Is User Experience Important In A Website Design And Optimization?

User Experience

In the world of digital marketing, businesses have taken a new turn and utilized all the latest tactics of making their brand a new sensation in the market. With the advancement in technology, website designs have also evolved, and variations have been included. Like responsive websites speak for their user-friendliness. These websites deliver the best … Read more

What are 11 reasons of Education Counselling and their  Importance (Explained) 

Education Counselling

Guidance and counseling are important for children, and schools play an important role in developing children’s skills. Although morals are desirable, sometimes young intellectuals need training to refine their personality. Counseling teaches young people how to deal with emotional and personal conflicts. Whether an education consultant, an independent counselor, a career counselor, or a health … Read more



Computer video games have made great strides in considering the breakthrough in the “amazing era of video games” in the mid-1980s. The amazing accomplishments within the entertainment development discipline make the digital world truly amazing, striking every 12 months with its features, authenticity, and new open doors. Looking back at the beginning of 2022, its … Read more

The Benefits of a Career in Technology

The Benefits of a Career in Technology

Technology is art, science the wisdom needed to produce goods and services. It is the use of these skills to achieve goals, create products, and solve problems. Basically, technology consists of strategies and methods. In the case of science and engineering, technology is a collection of scientific methods. The purpose of technology is to facilitate … Read more