On-Page SEO Services: Everything You Need to Know

With businesses going digital in this modern age, SEO has become an essential part of the marketing industry. And with more competition, business owners and corporates understand the importance of hiring a reliable SEO Company in Noida to fulfill their potential. 

On-Page remains one of the essential aspects of SEO. And with continuous algorithm updates, one must use professional SEO Services in Noida to stay ahead in every aspect. Let us start with a simple definition of Onpage before moving forward.

What is On-Page SEO?

All the SEO activities that one performs on website pages to get a higher rank on Search engines. These factors are the first thing search engines checks before offpage links. Moreover, these are the website changes that one can control through different measures. These changes are also known as Onpage optimizations. 

Here are the top Onpage factors that one needs to know to understand the latest SEO trends.  

First and foremost is the Content.

Content remains the core fundamental around which search ranking pages differ. Every search engine’s priority is to get the user to the precise information, and this intent should match the content on the website. So if a user searches the top traveling places in Delhi, the page should be able to answer that query specifically. 

Content should be unique, engaging, and plagiarism free to get more user attention. Word Length of the pages has also become one of the ranking factors for pages to rank in the top 10 positions. So it’s common for blogs today to have a length of 1500 to 2000 words to rank in the top queries for the search engines. 

Meta Tags 

Meta tags are the first impression of the webpage content displaying the title and description. These tags are crucial in getting attention from search engines. 

Title-Tag: This title information is users’ views on their search pages. 

Meta Description: This has a one-line description for the page.

Meta Robots: gives instructions to search engine crawlers for handling special requests.

Meta Keywords: This has a list of keywords relevant to the page. (Deprecated)

Title and description tags have the fundamental part of the Onpage optimizations. These meta tags give search engines the first impression of the web content. To help them understand the page content, keywords, and give users an early glimpse inside the content. 

One needs to be precise with the title to represent the whole webpage in a few words. Recommend length for the Title tag is 50 to 60 characters which can vary from the device. 

A description must be compelling to attract viewers giving an in-depth analysis of the page content. Title and description remain a basis for SERP positions. 

Robots are exclusive tags that provide information to search engines. Index, No Index, Follow, and No Follow, etc., are some examples of robot tags attributes. 

HTML tags

HTML tags inside the pages provide specific signals to the search engines.

Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6): Starting with H1 is the primary heading, H2 the secondary heading, and subsequent headings that define the overall architect of the content. 

Bold & Italic tags: These are specific words that can be primary, secondary, or essential topics from the web content.

Internal links

Internal links are the way by which we attach site pages from within. Similar pages and related posts allow users to check more pages on the website. Thus helping in getting more views, traffic, and leads from the users. 

It should be done in a way to avoid distracting the reading process. Using specific keywords inside the page in a continuous tone is the right way to integrate internal links. 

External Links

External links are the 3rd party websites links present on your web page. These can be a particular reference or the data taken from a specific website. Adding higher authority pages to your page adds more trust and reliability. Generally, one or two references are okay. Whereas in Academic writing you may find 20+ references. 


In general, Search engines prefer shorter URLs. Thus making it easier to crawl, rank and understand the main topic. URLs should be simple, readable, and clean, i.e., SEO friendly. You can add a specific keyword in the URL to further give instructions for the search engine to rank the page. 

You can use characters of the language and numbers whenever required. Symbols, spaces, random numbers, or anything unrecognized will make it hard for search engines to understand and rank pages.

Website Speed

Website loading is a required factor for ranking on top of the search engines. Complete-time taken by browser to load the website should always be as minimum as possible. 

Many factors that are inclusive in Website speed are LCP, FCP, TBT, CLS, etc. Some of these advanced factors are also known as Technical SEO. There are also regular updates. So you must use Digital Marketing Services in Noida to help you get enhanced results. These experts can fill in the gaps to give your websites the right boost. 

With internet-breaking higher speed than GBPs, faster websites get more viewers than slow-loading websites. Google Page speed and GTMetrix are the two most popular website that gives an enhanced view of speed estimation.  

User Experience

All elements of On-page combine to give a user an engaging user experience. User behavior is taking precedence for keeping visitors engaged on the website. 

Whenever a user comes to your website,  

  • He or She Should be able to navigate properly
  • Read text easily and view images based on their devices.
  • provide smooth reading
  • visual appearance
  • Managed spaces

Overall, user experience has started to take a paramount role in Search engine algorithms. Newer search engine algorithms are regularly updated. And using user experience as one of the standards for understanding onpage SEO. 


These all factors form the comprehensive crux of the Onpage optimizations. Moreover, these website parts are something that one can control. Small websites with few pages can be easy to manage. But as the website size increases with the number of pages, you need a more organized approach and customized solutions. Hiring professional SEO Services is an ideal choice. These experts follow the latest onpage standards and optimize the elements in the shortest time possible. So businesses need to understand the value of time, use resources precisely, and start ranking on the top of the search engine pages. 

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