Impact of Integrating Live Chat Support Features in a Mobile App

In this modernised, fast-paced world in which we live, everyone wants a quick answer to their question. You don’t have the patience to face hours and days to answer a question. After all, we are making progress in many areas of our lives, and technology has also given us the ability to make everything perhaps quick and easy. Contact us for the best mobile app development service in USA. 

So, in addition to increasing revenue, one of the company’s main priorities is to provide users or their customers with the best possible service and support. Suppose you have a question—users’ queries dial to offer an immediate answer. Hence 24/7 support should be part of a business`s customer service.  

Now you know delivering 24/7 customer support is essential. But there is also one more thing your business must think about. When your company has its app, live chat support must be integrated. 

What is a Live Chat Support Feature in An App?  

The live chat support system in the app is a feature that enables live or online communication between customers and the company. This feature provides customers with 24/7 online chat support. In short, the goal of delivering a great user experience is also available on mobile phones. Reach out to us for the best app development services as we are the best mobile app development company in USA

With nearly 5.11 billion mobile users, it’s imperative to add live chat capabilities to your company’s mobile app. By 2020, people will become more and more involved in mobile devices, so it’s essential to stay on top of the latest mobile app trends. This feature only strengthens the relationship between the company and the customer. 

If you’re still unsure that the live chat feature will benefit your company’s mobile app, see what you can get from it. With your app for your company, you can get closer to your customers. It allows all the users to experience your brand more strongly. Adding live chat support to your app works amazingly. 

Benefits of integrating chat support into your mobile app 

Prompt customer support 

Do you know how long it takes to email a customer inquiry? It will take 17 hours. During the last 17 hours, you may lose many clients who have not served. So by integrating the live chat feature into your app, you can get answers quickly in just one minute. The faster your mobile app responds, the happier your customers will be. 

Most users seeking help will be directed to a third-party app, another platform, or an external link if in-app mobile chat isn’t included. This method of customer support does not help your business. Directing customers to another channel to get in the way can frustrate them and uninstall the app. 

Improve user experience 

Your customers are the primary reason your business is booming. Therefore, it is beneficial to provide excellent customer service to meet the needs of our users. By providing your customers with a comfortable environment, they can remain loyal and trustworthy to your brand. Also, your business might even be made recommended to others.  

Other than providing 24/7 service to all the users, using live chat in your mobile app will give you access to assemble data from users. It traces your customers` shopping behaviour, search history, and many more. With this feature, you`ll be able to transfer personalised messages or shopping coupons that they would engage and interact with. 

Aids in Marketing Your Business 

Live chat in mobile apps helps a lot of businesses increase their profit. As mentioned above, live chat collects data that can be used to provide customers with personalised messages and promotions. When customers or potential targets are involved, they can be loyal customers in your business. Therefore, increase the income of your business. 

Get positive reviews 

When searching for something online, such as a product, app, or service, reviews are always the first thing to look for. From time to time, one bad review can turn off potential customers. That’s why good service is the key to getting positive reviews. 

Customers are more likely to receive positive reviews, even if they provide details. The more positive reviews you will get for your business, the more people will be encouraged to subscribe to your app or buy products from you, whether it’s your first time or repeatedly. 

Participate in the contest 

While 80% of customers want an immediate response from their sales reps, only 9% use live chat to meet the needs of these customers. 

Some companies lag in supporting live chat, but it’s time to stay one step ahead. Add live chat for your mobile app to surpass your competitors. This will increase your company`s income, and consumers will keep coming to you as you provide a more convenient and secure service that they need.  

Increase in the Conversion Rate 

You want to turn your visitors into paying customers if you have a business. After all, your business is to produce income. If you want the visitors to turn into potential paying customers, you must provide them with what they are looking for. Responding quickly to customer requests increases the likelihood that a decision to purchase a product will be made. Therefore, live chat can improve your business’s conversion rate as a way to meet your customers’ needs. 

Save time and money 

Hiring someone to get a call from a customer is cheap at first, but it can cost you a lot in the long time run. Your potential customers may not buy the product because they have stagnated due to a lack of staff or are not satisfied with the response; however, integrating li in the long run chat into your company’s mobile app can help your brand grow. You can hire resources or use software that specialises in live chat. This way, you can save your quality time and money too.

Live Chat Software 

If this live chat is ready to be integrated into a mobile application, you can use software to help your needs. 

Zendesk Chat: This software offers free plans but still plans to improve functionality. You can enjoy some features enjoy the simple re-check of the message, interacting with customers in real-time, and increasing sales.  

LiveChat: Even if there is no creative name, LIPCHAT can make it better than the rest. It has hundreds of apps to integrate. You will increase sales by providing products to customers when you ask for suggestions, and it’s time to implement automatic messages to celebrate your customers. Save 

Olark: Similar to LiveChat, this software allows integration with other apps. Users can also customize chat boxes, get real-time analytics and data from customers, save time with automated messages, and track agent work and progress.  

Drift: This software differs from other software in that it provides features such as meeting reservations, redirecting bots to sellers, and emailing to connect customers to sellers. 

PureChat: PureChat’s free plan has many features to offer. Unlimited chats, customisable widgets, and mobile apps are possible. If you want to pursue your visitors’ behaviour and business patterns, it is best to improve your payment plan. 


These are some live chat software that you can integrate into your business website or your mobile app. Many miracles have already been said above if there is a live chat. By the way, when you make a big step on your business growth and build a great customer experience. Get in touch with the ios app development company in USA

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