Know 7 Ways to Make Your Perfume Stay Longer

Wearing perfume properly is an art of science. How you do it can either make your perfume last all day or evaporate in no time. What kind of scent you are wearing, how you are wearing, along with a few little tips and tricks can up the fragrance. If your perfume is giving you trouble or even after getting a branded scent it is not staying as you expected, you are at the right place. These 7 ways will give you the ultimate fragrance experience!

Moisturize Your Skin Properly!

Perfume molecules stick better to moisturized skin. They need some sort of adhesive to stick on it and the moisturizer provides them the same. Whether you are using body oil, cream, lotion, or even Vaseline for that sake, it will not only improve the way it smells but also make it last longer.

Use Eau De Parfum Or Parfum Oil!

Using an excellent quality perfume can change the game for you. Avoid using cheap scents with just a pinch of perfume essence. You need scents with more than 15% perfume essence. Eau de parfum is one such fragrance type. Apart from this, you can also try out the perfume oils. They are the ones with the highest perfume essence and can last for more than 24 hours.

Never Rub A Perfume After Applying!

Are you the one who has been doing this forever since you started using perfume? Rubbing the wrists together after spraying may feel fancy but it reduces the perfume’s life. Your perfume is designed in three layers, top, middle, and base. Each layer is meant to release its molecules or aroma at a specific time which helps in making the perfume last longer. If you will rub it, these molecules are ruptured, releasing all the notes at the same time, which can make it smell weird as well as reducing the longevity.

Never Shake The Perfume Bottle!

This one is for all the deodorant users who have recently shifted to the world of perfumes. If you are shaking your perfume bottle before spraying it on the body, your perfume maybe dying a slow death. Instead of doing this, just pick up the bottle spray the perfume on the skin and keep it back. That is, it! There should not be any shaking involved if you love your perfume and want to keep it as good as new for a long time. Shaking the bottle damages the molecules which are very delicate by the way and they release the aroma too soon.

Use Body Care Products With Matching Scents!

This might not seem to be doing a lot of work, but it can indeed change the way your perfume smells. Everything from the body washes, to lotions, if they are fragrant, make sure to choose them with matching scent. If you are wearing Dreamer perfume by Perfumer’s Club, use body care products with floral notes inthem. This is called layering and it can help in pumping up your fragrance aroma taking it to the next level as well as making it last longer. In case you are not able to find the matching scent, stick to the nonfragrant variants.

Store The Perfume Bottle Properly!

Yup, this can also affect the scent as well as the longevity of the perfume. Never keep the perfume bottle in direct sunlight or near the heat source. With regular exposure to the heat and light, perfume molecules start breaking down and the aroma alters. You might have seen it in perfumes that started smelling weird after a few weeks or changed the color of the liquid. Avoid keeping them in the bathroom as humidity can also affect them. Keep the scents in cool, dry, and dark places only. If possible, make sure to keep them in the packaging they came in an upright position.

Spray Perfume On Your Hair!

Seems a bit surprising right, but this works. Your hair works the same as your skin where hair strands hold on to the perfume molecules, releasing them slowly. When you want to smell amazing on a busy day and do not have time to freshen up, just add a little spritz to the hair. This will help in enhancing the aroma of the perfume along with adding a few more hours to the longevity. This trick is perfect for the days when you have a meeting and will be tying your hair in a bun or for the pool party. Make sure to use a perfume that does not have alcohol in it for regular use.

These might seem a lot but incorporating these simple lifestyle changes in your life will ensure a lasting fragrance. Your perfume will smell better, stay on longer and you will have to worry about the sweat odor a little less. Grab a good quality Indian perfume and begin your perfume journey with these simple lifestyle changes.

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