How Would You Know If You Qualify For A Skilled Independent Visa 189?

Do you plan to settle permanently in Australia? If so, you will need some relevant documentation. And, the ticket to your life there is the 189 Visa Australia which provides its applicant’s permission for permanent residence in Australia. The visa is available to candidates who have the required skills and qualifications, filling Australia’s shortages of skills. 

However, the first thing you will have to submit to apply for this visa successfully is an Expression of Interest online and get invited for the visa application. Notwithstanding, the basic requirements an applicant must need to have to qualify for the visa subclass 189 in the General Skilled Migration programs are:

  • The applicant must nominate a skilled occupation qualified for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189.
  • Candidates must have a relevant skills assessment in the 189 visa occupation list.
  • The applicants must be 18 or above or below 45 years.
  • The applicants need to have competent English eligibility.
  • The candidates should meet the minimum passing marks of 65 points in the test.
  • The candidates must acquire character and health requirements.

(Note: The eligibility criteria remain the same throughout except for some changes here and there.)

Point’s Test Evaluation

Each applicant’s point’s test evaluation where they can claim the points in the listed areas:

  • English language ability
  • Age
  • Overseas and Australian skilled work experience
  • Australian study requirements
  • International & Australian qualifications
  • Specialist qualifications.
  • Regional Australian study
  • Certified community language qualifications
  • Professional year in Australia
  • Spouse skill qualifications

The Subdivision of the Skilled Independent Visa 189

The three categories of the skilled independent visa 189 are:

  • Points-tested Stream
  • New Zealand Stream
  • Hong Kong Stream

Now, let’s have a detailed discussion about each of the streams and see if you are qualified for visa 189 or not.

(Important Recommendation: For a thorough understanding of each step of applying for the skilled independent subclass 189, candidates must consult an expert for the skilled visa Perth.)

Points-tested Visa

In this stream, the assessment and scoring of your EOI take place. The essential details that your EOI needs to contain are your qualifications, skills, subclass 189 occupation list, and your details. SkillSelect will assess your rank against the competing applicants in points based on your EOI submission. In Points-tested Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, while submitting your EOI in SkillSelect, you will gain indicative points depending on your claims. You will not get invited if you can’t acquire 65 points.

skilled independent visa 189 Features:

With the visa cost starting at approximately AUD4, 115, you will become an Australian citizen once you have cleared all the steps and gotten your Skilled Visa Perth in hand. You will be able to study and work anywhere. Moreover, this visa will also sponsor qualified relatives for permanent residence.

Eligibility Criteria and Related Credentials.

As discussed, the essential eligibility criteria are almost the same for all the streams. Still, a few things vary for each of them. However, to know more about the required credentials, you will need to know about the specific qualifying tests, occupations, and assessments you will require while applying for the visa subclass 189.

English Competence

To prove your English competence, you’ll have to provide proof of your citizenship and a valid authorised passport by the United Kingdom, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States of America, attached to your application. Otherwise, you may also acquire any one of the following examinations with the scores mentioned beside:

  • The applicant must provide their certification of the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT), backing 12 for listening, 21 for writing, 13 for reading and 18 for speaking.
  • The applicant must provide their certification of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic or General Training) with a minimum of 6 points for each of the 4 components.
  • ​The applicant must provide their certification of the Cambridge C1 Advanced test scoring a minimum of 169 in each of the 4 components.
  • The applicant must provide their certification of the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), scoring at least 50 for each of the 4 components.
  • The applicant must provide their certification of the Occupational English Test (OET) with a minimum grade of B for each of the 4 components.

New Zealand Stream

In this stream of 189 Visa Australia, citizens of New Zealand get the freedom to apply for a skilled independent visa 189 without going through the process of points testing. With the starting cost of the visa being AUD4, 115, the applicants may pay the application charges of the visa within two instalments. The two instalments are 20% during the lodgement period and the remaining 80% during the second instalment before granting the visa.

Eligibility Criteria for the New Zealand Stream

Apart from the basic 189 visa requirements, there are a few contrasting criteria that candidates applying for the particular streams must hold. The criteria are:

Meeting the Income Requirement

The applicant’s taxable income must meet the lowest income threshold as stated on their Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Notice of Assessment. The applicable regulatory instrument for the year will appear in a listed format. The legislative instrument always mentions income exemptions and thresholds. The amount ranging below the threshold won’t get accepted unless the applicant provides proof of exemption.

Prior Australia Stay and Required Visa

The applicants of this stream of skilled independent subclass 189 must need to be a usual Australian residents for at least 5 years just before the applicant’s date of application. Moreover, to process the visa application, the candidates must also own a New Zealand Special category visa. However, to process the 189 Visa Australia applications, the candidate’s family members must have any one of the visa types to lodge their applications:

  • a substantive visa
  • subclass 020 Bridging B visa
  • subclass 010 Bridging A visa
  • subclass 030 Bridging C visa

While lodging the applicant’s application, their family members outside Australia do not require a visa.

Hong Kong Stream

With the Hong Kong stream apart from staying, studying and working in Australia, the applicants may enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme. Most things being the same as the previous streams, any applicant may apply for this visa in or outside Australia. Moreover, the applicants may travel anywhere, in or outside Australia, for 5 years from the date of visa authorisation. Once any applicant crosses the 5-years limit, they will require an RRV to re-enter the country as a permanent resident. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Hong Kong Stream

While applying for the Hong Kong stream, an applicant must have an eligible visa about a minimum of 4 years before the application date. The eligible visa includes subclass 482, 457, or 485, depending on the satisfaction of the primary criteria. At the applicant’s visa application processing, they must hold a British National or Hong Kong (Overseas) passport. However, they must also provide evidence of their residence in Australia for at least 4-years.

Expert Help

Now that we have discussed the main areas of visa 189, it is essential to move ahead with proper guidance. There are many more rules and regulation related to the 189 Visa Australia that every applicant need to understand before applying. If anyone attempts to carry out the process themselves, things might go downwards. Thus, before starting one’s visa journey, one must connect with a reputed migration agent in Perth. Their expertise and skilled team will help the candidates throughout the process, making everything smoother.


As an applicant, we have the perfect suggestion to consider applying for visa 189. DO not try to initiate the process without consulting the experts. However, if you search online, you will get plenty of options to seek help, but not everything you see is gold. So, choose your agency wisely. They will be happy to guide you through the process and hand over your 189 Visa Australia successfully without giving any huddles to you.

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