How to Fix Window Cracks 

Aside from allowing energy to escape out of your home, a crack in a window disturbs the aesthetics of this vital home fixture. So, it becomes imperative to repair even the slightest window crack before it escalates to a point where you’ll have to spend so much. However, you should know what type of window crack you’re having. This knowledge will guide you in deciding if you should fix or replace the whole window.

What are the types of window cracks?

Before we begin to talk about commercial window repair or replacement, it’s important to take note of the following kind of cracks in windows:

  • Stress cracks. This begins as a slight, almost negligible crack from one end of the window and increases across the glazing as time goes by, causing a more severe problem than you would have imagined. Extreme variation in temperatures is typically the reason for stress cracks in windows. This happens when you turn on the house heater to a maximum due to the intense cold outside. Another cause of stress cracks is physical strain, like forcefully shutting a window. To lower this damage, handle your windows carefully, and you’ll evade paying a high price to get them fixed.
  • Pressure cracks. This kind of window damage is not so common. Double-paned or insulated glass windows usually suffer this kind of crack. It’s likely the cause of this type of crack is unknown; however, they come by due to pressure changes following severe weather. Window fitting position can also cause this problem – like when a window is fitted at a height that’s either too low or too high. Since the window won’t resist the pressure that will come from these situations, cracking will ensue.

A window experiencing pressure crack can be identified by the shape the break takes. Most of the time, it takes an hourglass shape. A crack of this nature occurs; it is mostly fixed by replacing the windows.

  • Impact cracks. Naturally, this type of crack is envisaged when we hear of a broken or damaged window. If your window is impacted (hit by an object from outside or inside), the damage that comes from this is called impact cracks. So many external factors can cause this problem. From burglary accidents to a missed throw, windows can get impacted. An impacted window is characterised by an appearance that looks like an asterisk with extra rays stemming from the point the object hit the window. 

Please be careful when clearing away the shattered glass from a window impact. You may take out the glass splinters but do not try to remove the broken glass – this is very important! You could get hurt by doing so because of the pattern of the crack. At this point, hand over the window to the experts for glass replacement and save yourself the hassle.

Temporary solutions to a window crack

Setting out to repair a broken window is just a way of providing a solution for the meantime. And there are easy ways you can repair these windows. However, fitting a new window is the best way to get a broken window fixed. Not only does it offer safety, but it is a non-temporary solution!

But should you like to control the situation while waiting for the window professionals to arrive, you can get about it using any of these methods:

  • Masking tape. Hold the two sides of the cracked glass with masking tape as it will not allow the glass to break anymore, nor permit the leakage of water. Don’t just tape the cracked area; stretch the tape past the damaged glass section (on the two sides). And apply a little pressure when taping the crack. It works well.
  • Glass adhesives. The windshield of cars usually utilises this option in smashed glass. Begin by cleaning the crack very well, removing any dirt using an eyedropper. Run a tape behind the crack. This prevents leakage of the adhesive from the alternate side. With a brush or syringe, rub the adhesive to the crack. Let it sit and dry. You can now take out the tape.
  • Thick plastic cover. Just so the crack doesn’t allow insects and drafts to enter through your window, you can close up the area with a plastic covering. Sources of plastic include all items made from plastic, like a shower curtain. Cut out a large piece of plastic and bind it over the crack with duct tape making sure the edges are firmly taped.

Permanent solutions to a window crack

Cracked glass can be sealed with epoxy – a solvent-based adhesive. This method effectively holds the shattered glass together, so it doesn’t break further. It can buy you some time before the glass gets replaced.

The use of epoxy for solving window crack involves the following steps, but first, you will need the following:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent
  • Epoxy
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Acetone
  • Paper plate
  • Putty knife

How to go about it:

  • Get the window cleaned up and free from dirt and dust by using the dishwashing detergent and microfiber cloth. Allow it to sit and dry completely.
  • Mix two parts of epoxy by adding the resin to the hardener. Place the mixture on the paper plate and mix them thoroughly with a toothpick.
  • Take some of the epoxy with a putty knife and apply it on the crack glass, carefully applying slight pressure to ensure the mixture spreads over the crack. Allow it to sit for a minimum of 5 minutes to get dry.
  • Remove any extra epoxy bleeding from the area with acetone-covered cotton or clean, dry cloth
  • With a glass cleaner and a clean cloth, polish the glass

Window replacement in London

Where glass is cracked, it’s best to replace it by calling a professional. You may feel you can do it yourself, but not only is it hard, but it might also damage your window further. Especially when a special insulation seal is involved. Getting a commercial glazier expert in London will guarantee a functional, timely, and hassle-free service. 

People often feel spending more replacing a window than fixing it. But the truth is that more pounds will go into offsetting your energy bill, which will gradually increase due to complete neglect or non-permanent repair of cracked glass. Should a window glass break, the insulation seal holding argon gas will fail – the gas escapes. Your window will no longer save energy or be useful again. Though pricey, paying for a window replacement may be cheaper than paying for an accumulation of energy bills over time. You shouldn’t ignore even the most minor crack in your window because it will worsen as time goes on. 

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