Learn About What English Requirements Is Needed To Get Graduate Visa 485

The temporary graduate visa allows overseas students to live, work, and study in Australia after finishing their studies. There are two streams in the visa: the post-study and graduate work stream.

An individual can choose either of the streams depending on how long they stay in Australia. People can choose to contact a Migration Agent Adelaide to get more information for the 485 visas and receive help filling out the visa application form.

English Proficiency Requirements

For the temporary graduate visa 485, a student needs to fulfil certain requirements and achieve relevant marks in different tests that test their proficiency in the English language. Some of the required results and positions in the English test to apply for the visa subclass 485 are as follows:
1. Lowest test score- 6
2. Total overall score- 6
3. Listening- 5
4. Reading- 5
5. Writing- 5

1. Lowest test score- 64
2. Total overall score- 4
3. Listening- 4
4. Reading- 14
5. Writing- 14

• PTE Academic
1. Lowest test score- 50
2. Overall test score- 50
3. Listening- 36
4. Reading- 36
5. Writing- 36

• Cambridge English Advanced
1. Lowest test score- 169
2. Overall test score- 169
3. Listening- 154
4. Reading- 154
5. Writing- 154
Along with these documents, the applicants might need to prove to be citizens of the United States, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand or Canada. Before applying for the temporary graduate visa 485, a student must acquire these scores within three years.

Improving English Skills For Overseas Students Who Wish To Apply For The 485 Visa
If an individual is thinking of pursuing education in Australia, they have to provide proof of their English language proficiency. Studying in Australia is required while applying for a student visa and other courses.
The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship welcomes four important English language tests:
• Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
• Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
• International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
• Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Before applying for a student visa, it is necessary to review the English language requirements for any interested institution in Australia. Some institutions accept only test types, while others could accept more than two types of English tests. The applicant might also need to check the English proficiency level needed to be admitted to a course.

Some of the ways to improve the chances of high score in such English proficiency tests are-

• Finding a tutor- it is not always possible to find an English tutor, especially if one considers the cost of fees. But one could find an English speaker in their hometown to seek help.
If an individual is currently studying, the school or university could provide different contacts to help sharpen the English language.
• Practising speaking skills with friends- it is not bad to practice English skills with friends within a group. This can help one learn how to have a conversation rather than practising by themselves.
• Expanding reading materials- another way to improve English vocabulary and comprehension is to enhance the range of study materials. This can help to improve a person’s reading and writing skills.
New English words can also be picked up as well as grammar rules. One can also read magazines and newspapers to improve their English.
• Creating study materials- even if a student does not have adequate study materials, setting their assessment tasks can help them enhance their English language skills. This could include writing essays or recording themselves while speaking English.
By following these habits, one can identify their strengths and weaknesses in the English language. This will further allow students to pass English language proficiency tests to be eligible for 485 Australian visas.

Documents Required For The Temporary Graduate Visa
Applicants need to discuss the checklist for the 485 visas before applying to ensure that proper documents are submitted. Some of the criteria that individuals need to meet to participate in a degree course under CRICOS in Australia are:
• The applicant should have completed a CRICOS approved course.
• Applicants need to complete a course that is longer than two years.
• An individual with a legitimate visa can apply for a temporary graduate visa.
• This visa allows the applicant to reside in Australia for 18 months to four years. The period of stay depends on the requirement and conditions of the applicant.
• An applicant needs to produce proper documents like a bio-data page, birth certificate, a passport-sized photo and other relevant documents as requested by the authority.

Temporary Graduate Visa Streams
There are two streams under the temporary graduate visa: graduate workstream and post-study workstream. Both these streams offer an applicant different periods to stay in Australia.
• Graduate workstream
This visa stream is for overseas applicants who have recently graduated and have the relevant skills and credentials for different Australian jobs. This stream allows an individual to live, study and work in the land of Kangaroos.
1. They are allowed to work in Australia.
2. They need to have the relevant skills and qualifications applicable in Australia.
3. The applicants can also bring their families with them.

• Post-study workstream
The post-study workstream is for university graduates who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from an Australian university. This temporary graduate visa subclass 485 streams allows applicants to live, work and study in Australia.
1. Graduates stuck in their country due to COVID-19 travel restrictions can now apply and be granted this visa outside of Australia. They need to have a proper student visa for this purpose.
2. Under this stream, an applicant can live and work in Australia.
3. This stream also allows applicants to bring their families with them.
4. A recent degree from a CRICOS-approved course is required.

How To Apply For The 485 Visas?
An applicant can apply for a temporary graduate visa by following the steps below-
• An applicant can start the procedure when the education provider confirms that the course has been completed satisfyingly. One has to decide on the type of 485 visas they wish to apply for.
• Proof of studies, assessed skills, credentials, relationships, and identifications must be submitted. The family members in the application will also need to provide documents.
• An applicant might need to double-check the details in the application form.
• After this, they can apply for a temporary graduate visa and wait for a response.

Eligibility Criteria For The Temporary Graduate Visa
The temporary graduate visa of Australia is created to assess a student’s educational qualifications. This visa brings talented international students or workers to study or work in Australia. The eligibility requirements for this visa are as follows-
• The age of the applicant needs to be between 18 to 50 years.
• They need to be qualified from an Australian institution.
• They need to have a good command of the English language.
• They need to fulfil the health and character requirements of Australia.

Contact An Immigration Agent.
If individuals wish to apply for a 485 temporary graduate visa, they need to know all the detailed information and procedures. This visa can let international students live, study and work in Australia. But an immigration agent in Adelaide can be contacted if an applicant is confused regarding the visa rules.

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