GLS Avenue 86 – the best affordable project in Sector 86

GLS Limited, one of the most well-known real estate corporations in Gurgaon, has been on top of the real estate marketplace for almost a decade now. This real estate institution is understood for delivering transcendent projects for the long term. They have excelled in making all kinds of initiatives that have efficiently satisfied many individuals who are looking for affordable housing, in Gurgaon.

Just like all of the different excellent projects introduced by this real estate company – GLS Limited has come up with a contemporary in the long run affordable project known as the GLS Avenue 86. It is one of the resplendent residential initiatives that GLS Limited has launched in the marketplace.

This classy and indulgent residency by GLS Limited sincerely offers facilities equivalent to a good and better way of living. GLS Avenue 86 is the essence of the comfortable and affordable lifestyles that is supplied to the individuals who invest in this project.

GLS Avenue 86 – boggling features and highlights

GLS Limited’s out-of-the-ordinary GLS Avenue 86 has only one purpose and that is to paint a convenient lifestyle. Situated in a bustling vicinity of Sector 86, this project defines excellence and a dreamful lifestyle.

Some boggling functions of GLS Limited’s new venture -GLS Avenue 86 are:

  • There is an outstanding garden facility supplied to the citizens
  • A swimming pool at the identical ground
  • private lifestyles within the apartment that the residents can enjoy

Interesting functions, isn’t it? Well, these are not the only capabilities GLS Avenue 86 will offer to the people staying here. There is a gaggle of different features in both the towers one at a time that might be reachable to people and they can revel in all of them.

Mind-boggling services by GLS Avenue 86

The affordable project serves ravishing amenities or facilities to its people. Comfort and convenience are the two leading elements that have been fairly focused on as this is what people count on from any such excellent initiative. GLS Avenue 86 is delivering palatial vibes for people through this initiative.

Here are a few awesome facilities that might be provided to people making plans to live here:

  • The residential region is very spacious and people have a whole lot of space to walk or jog easily. Moreover, there are strolling tracks that are best for folks who want to run or walk without interruptions.
  • The premises are blanketed with greenery. There are lovely sitting regions for all and sundry, especially the senior residents.
  • For all of the exercising lovers, GLS Avenue 86 offers you a fitness center and a workout space stuffed with good equipment. People eager to do hardcore exercising can roll within anytime.
  • A commercial enterprise lounge. Specially created for experts, this vicinity gives a kickback and quiet surroundings for people who want to work peacefully.
  • Every person inside the society gets personal parking. If you would like to buy any other car parking zone, that can also be executed.
  • The premises are guarded by security guards all the time as the society follows a 24×7 protection device.
  • There is a court for anybody who desires to play squash. The court is easy and is open to all.
  • Last, but not least, the whole premises is below CCTV surveillance. Anything incorrect could be straight away stuck on a digital camera.

These functions will, without a doubt, appear brilliant and alluring but they don’t stop here! There are many more amenities presented by this residential assignment to the people dwelling here. This will genuinely leave you staggered!

GLS Limited has come up with many new projects in Gurgaon, but this one has brilliant facilities and makes people live their lives in peace.


GLS Avenue 86 is one of the few initiatives that would put you in awe and would let you revel in an affordable as well as a secure life at its most with amenities that you may have not experienced ever earlier!

This wonderful undertaking is located in a bustling location of Sector 86 in Gurgaon and has numerous place blessings, leaving the citizens in comfort. Looking at all the different projects by this real estate employer – GLS Limited, GLS Avenue 86 is one of the best projects that has been constructed by them in Gurgaon.

GLS Avenue 86 is growing a buzz inside the marketplace as it is one of the few tasks that define the affordable fashion of dwelling!

GLS Avenue 86 comes under an affordable housing scheme, therefore, you can check the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana list for finding out the right house.

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