The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Baby Toys

Playing with your baby is one of the simplest joys in life. It doesn’t get much simpler than throwing a ball or tickling them, for that matter. But what about when you’re ready to start introducing them to a world of imagination and discovery? What about when you want to introduce them to toys that will engage their cognitive and motor skills from the get-go? 

Baby-proofing your home is one of the most important tasks you can do before welcoming a new baby. Even if you have the best intentions and are planning on keeping things clean and clutter free after your little one has left, there’s always that small chance that something might end up getting lost in all the comings and goings. 

Once you’ve got all your baby items identified and stored away in their designated cubby holes, it’s time to introduce them to some of the best baby toys on the market today. This article will give you all the information you need regarding choosing the best baby toys for your little one, as well as advice on which ones are worth buying and which ones are not.

Best Baby Toys


What Are The Best Baby Toys?

There are a lot of great baby toys out there, but it can be hard to know what will work best for your little one. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the best baby toys for your littlest one, including age, developmental stage, and your personal preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the many things you should think about when deciding on the best toys for your little one. 

– Age – Where Does Your Baby Fall Within Developmentally? 

– How Many Skills Do You Want to Develop? 

– Safety Concerns – How to Avoid Hazardous Toys 

– What Activities Does Your Baby Enjoy? 

– Care Instructions – How to Safely Clean Your Child’s Toys – Conclusion


How to Choose the Best Baby Toys

There are a lot of aspects to consider when purchasing the best baby toys, but the most important is to determine what your baby enjoys most. While you want to make sure the toys you buy will be age appropriate and provide your little one with the proper developmental experience, they should also be toys that your baby likes. If you’re not confident in your baby-prescreening skills, then it’s best to take a step back and re-evaluate. 

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The best thing you can do is try to empathize with your little one’s growing needs and preferences. What is it that they enjoy? What gets their imagination going? This will help you choose the perfect set of toys for them. 

Check out the different categories for each of the different developmental stages your baby may be in. This will help you narrow down what types of toys will best help your little one at the moment, as well as what skills you’d like to develop. This will also give you an idea of what type of toys will best entertain your baby for hours on end.


What to Avoid When Purchasing a Toy for a Newborn

Newborns are at an extremely vulnerable stage in their development. Because of this, you should make sure that any toys you buy them are safe, age appropriate, and easy to clean. Newborns don’t have the ability to handle certain textures, sharp edges, or heavy weights. In order to keep them safe and healthy, it’s best to avoid any toys that could pose a hazard. 

Newborns should be kept away from any toys with small parts such as balls with small holes or key chains. It’s also best to avoid toys that could be choking hazards, such as toys with small parts that could easily get lodged in a newborn’s throat. 

Newborns also don’t have the ability to wriggle out of anything, so it’s best to avoid toys with small parts that could pose a serious risk of choking or strangling. What should be kept away from, instead, is toys with large parts that would require the baby to do a lot of effort to manipulate the parts. This is something newborns simply aren’t capable of.


Top 5 Best Selling Teethers for Babies

Teething is a common occurrence for many babies, but it doesn’t have to lead to drooling, messy teeth, or sore gums. There are a variety of teethers on the market that may be just what your baby needs to ease their symptoms. 

BPA-Free Baby Bottles – If you’re going through teething trouble with your littlest one, you may want to consider transitioning them to a bpa-free bottle. A teething baby bottle may do the trick. 

Baby Pacifiers – Pacifiers may seem like a silly addition to the list, but they can actually help relieve teething pain. 

Gumballs – Gum balls offer an easy way to relieve pain and help your baby feel comfortable as they transition to using a bpa-free bottle. 

Chew Rings – Another natural remedy for teething, chew rings offer a safe way for your baby to chew on something besides their fingers or teeth.


Top 5 Best Selling Rattles for Babies

Rattles are another great way for your baby to safely ease their gums and exercise their jaw muscles. There are a number of different types of rattles, from plush toys to traditional hand-held rattles. You may even want to consider investing in a few different types so your baby has an assortment to choose from. 

Plush Toys – These are a classic and affordable option and are the most durable type of rattle. 

Hand-Held Rattles – While they do require a bit more effort on your part and can be a bit more cumbersome than plush toys, they may be the best option for a baby who doesn’t like plush toys. 

Classic Cookie Tins – These cookie tins are more like classic rattle toys than traditional rattles and can provide a lot of variety between uses. 

Lanyards – These are great because they can be used on the go without the need for a bowl and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Top 5 Best Selling Push Toy Vehicles for Babies

Push toys with moving parts or lights are a great way for your baby to strengthen their fine motor skills and practice gripping and manipulating small parts. They are also a lot of fun for the parent, who can explore the world from a different perspective while pushing their child down the street. 

Value Town – This toy is extremely affordable and comes with a lot of features, such as a spinning wheel and a light-up feature that activates when the button is pressed. 

Melissa & Doug Ready-To-Go Vehicles – This set is extremely affordable and comes with six different vehicles, including a dump truck, a firetruck, and a police car. 

Klutz Sculptures – This toy is designed to encourage creativity among children and is recommended for children aged three and up. 

Little Tikes Push & Go – This set is designed to promote dexterity and encourages creative play, with the push and go feature and a lot of realistic features that promote realistic play.



Baby toys are a great way for your little one to explore their world and build their confidence. They can learn about different textures, shapes, colours, and sounds as well as develop their motor skills. 

Whether you’re looking for a few new toys for your child or a complete set of playthings for your new baby, you can find something that they’ll love and love playing with. The only thing you really need to remember is to keep them away from dangerous items and out of the reach of toddlers and babies.

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