Things that make Desert Rose Yacht Unique

Desert Rose Yacht

The Desert Rose, a 155-feet mega-yacht, is a great place for a wide range of events because of its good luck and size. The careful planning that went into building this mega yacht will make sure that your vacation on it is one to remember. A trip on the Dubai Desert Rose yachts will not only be better than you expected, but it will also make you feel like a king or queen. You’ll go on fun yacht party Dubai with them.

On-board comfort and fun for guests

On your private charter, you’ll never run out of things to do or ways to pass the time. Set up a dance floor at your party so you and your guests can have all the fun you want. Some great features, like Wi-Fi connectivity, let you stay connected all the time and make it easier to do anything. Take advantage of all the comfort and style that a charter has to offer.

Range of motion and speed

The Desert Rose Yacht is a lot of fun to sail, and it can move at 30 knots. This yacht’s shallow draught of about 1.4 meters makes it a great choice for cruising in shallow water and making stops along the coast. With these features, you can explore more areas. Even though it’s 155 feet long and huge, the building is kept in perfect condition. With a Desert Rose Yacht, you can’t help but experience the highest level of luxury.

Peer at the breathtaking design for yourself

The Desert Rose Yacht is a beautiful yacht that can be used for a wide range of activities, including a wide range of sports. The yacht is different from other boats like it because its cabins are luxurious and of high quality. A custom-built interior will also give the image that the room is fit for a king or queen. It’s a no-brainer to rent a yacht in Dubai because the Desert Rose is a beautiful Yacht with extras like a Jacuzzi.

  • Pool with a large area for swimming
  • Beautiful and refined interior design
  • A Submersible Light Source
  • floor to the beats
  • large, well-appointed lounge
  • Barbecue grills and accessories
  • A top-of-the-line audio setup
  • Lots of room for an event
  • well-designed deck
  • A total of fourteen cabins
  • two home theatres

The Desert Rose yacht built in a classic style while still having all of the modern amenities is fascinating. Amusement options are plentiful and may make your event both elegant and memorable.

High-end water toys on the yacht

There may be more water toys on board the Desert Rose Yacht. This will give you and your guests a private place to play in the Mediterranean Sea. This resort gives all of its guests a lot of attractive and unique things to do. If that isn’t enough for you, think about the fishing gear and inflatable water toys on the Desert Rose Yacht.

A party in the middle of the sea

When starting a big project, it’s best to move away from old or unsuitable ground sites. You’ll have an once-in-a-lifetime venture if you move your gatherings to the middle of the ocean with luxury yacht party Dubai. Make your wedding day one to place by having it outside in a lovely place that fits with your theme and has great photo options. This will be the only place you ever want to go back to.

Mala Yachts has the best boat rental Dubai services to make you feel alive and full of energy. It’s not a new idea to think about your ideal experience while out on the water. One’s wildest dreams can come true with the Desert Rose Yacht. If you book a Desert Rose Yacht or hire one for your use, you’ll get to know what it’s like to be surrounded by nature.

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