Cats or MarsCat: Which one would you choose?

Cats and dogs provide unconditional love, devotion, and camaraderie, along with various therapeutic advantages, including increased overall health and wellness – after all, who doesn’t like a hug from a furry buddy at the end of the day? But there’s always a debate between canine and feline lovers. Cats are better than dogs, or is it vice-versa?

Choosing between getting a cat or dog can be a tough decision. To end this debate, industrial robot startup Elephant Robotics has fueled a new discussion by launching MarsCat Robot. The latest buzz asks which one is better, a cat or a robot cat?

MarsCat responds to hugs and pamperings like cats and even replicates a cat’s gesture. You get an experience of a feline friend without having to worry about taking care of an animal’s requirements.

MarsCat features flawlessly articulated legs, tail, and head. It is a brilliant robot cat that can sit up, stroll, play, and observe your motions without requiring any extra input.

The robot can also be customized and programmed by the customer. It’s programmed using Raspberry Pi and comes with the MarsCat SDK, an open software development framework that allows you to control and program the robot cat’s activities completely.

MarsCat offers a unique combination of sophisticated capabilities at a price that is presently unrivaled by other solutions. The robot cat interacts with a variety of voice commands and develops a personality based on how you engage with it over time:

Although the feline is self-sufficient, it does require emotive care from its owner, as it is programmed with six moods that change depending on how the connection with its master evolves. It can be joyous, ecstatic, distant, sedentary, friendly, or shy. If you talk to it a lot, it’ll become talkative, and if you play with it a lot, it’ll become a lively kitten.

Are you wondering about the litter? You don’t have to clean your robot cat’s litter because it is capable of burying her own imaginary excrement.

So, the love of a pet and nothing to take care of. Would you own a real cat or want to be a proud owner of a MarsCat? As the world’s first bionic robot cat, MarsCat is officially launched by Elephant Robotics.

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