Automobile Industry

How Automobile Sector Transformation is Lead By AI & ML

The automobile industry is looking toward autonomous vehicle systems as its future. The global automotive artificial intelligence market is forecasted to grow to US$ 7,676.92 million by 2028, with a CAGR of 31.30% in 2022-28. Whether it is passenger vehicles, commercial, logistics, or other transportation, major manufacturers are adopting artificial intelligence in one way or … Read more


What does a video production house do?

The video production house is there to create and produce videos per the requirements. It involves significant work for which an excellent team is required to achieve a common goal. In addition, video production plays a significant role in the efforts toward marketing.  The video production house has many interrelated components. Each one is key for the … Read more

How to Fix Window Cracks 

How to Fix Window Cracks 

Aside from allowing energy to escape out of your home, a crack in a window disturbs the aesthetics of this vital home fixture. So, it becomes imperative to repair even the slightest window crack before it escalates to a point where you’ll have to spend so much. However, you should know what type of window … Read more