10 Best Shopify Themes for Building Futuristic eCommerce Stores

Shopify themes

E-commerce has experienced the most significant growth among all types of internet-based enterprises. E-commerce revenues are growing at a 20-22 percent annual rate. Shopify is, without a doubt, the best platform for creating a fully functional e-commerce website. However, creating a website isn’t enough. You must develop a website that is both functional and compatible. There are a lot of Shopify Themes to choose from to personalize your store. 

Shopify themes not just help you build a beautiful website, but they also assist you in turning visitors into buyers and achieving your company or business’s objectives. It cannot be easy to pick the finest available Shopify theme. They are not up to date, and some offer more comprehensive support than others. We’ve compiled a list of the best free Shopify themes available right now so that you can tweak your website. But, before that, let’s take a look at,

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Shopify Themes: basic overview!

Among the most prominent store builders, Shopify offers many options for luring customers with essential tools that can help you execute your eCommerce ideas more efficiently. A Shopify theme is precisely what you need to create a functioning and attractive store with features that convert visitors into purchasers. 

Shopify themes are essentially website templates that you may use to build your website. Every theme is distinct from the others and provides your website with a distinctive appearance. You can choose from a variety of Shopify themes to modify the look of your website. You can hire a Shopify development company India to leverage the benefits of themes. 

Now, moving on, let’s check,

Top Shopify themes you can choose to build beautiful and conversion-friendly stores!

Let’s look at the top Shopify themes available:

  • Solo – The Shopify Solo theme has been one of the top free Shopify templates. This Solo theme has a simple but attractive design that works well with practically any type of website. This theme has a distinct advantage over other themes in that it is incredibly maneuverable and responsive. Furthermore, Shopify solo themes allow you to put your product front and center, which is a terrific method to draw attention to it. Because most internet consumers access the internet via mobile devices, the Shopify Solo theme would be an excellent choice. 
  • Wookie – Wookiee is the best-recommended theme because of its robust design tool. It’ll be a perfect match for your online shop. It includes all the tools and modules you’ll need to build a mobile-friendly website with an excellent user experience. All of this would be accessible at a lower cost than the other themes. Wookiee is a premium Shopify theme that is ideal for your store. At a substantially lower price of web development, you could have had the designs of your desire.
  • Organica – Organica is the theme to choose if you wish to sell organic products, including nutritional foods and drinks, and cosmetics. It is a sophisticated theme with characteristics that make it appealing right away. The Daily Deals are designed to stand out and capture the customer’s attention, and they are elegantly styled. Other features of this exceptional Shopify design include the Products Slider and Product Tabs Slider modules, which display new and featured products, blockbusters, and ‘on sale’ products. 

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  • Simple – The Simple theme constantly receives positive feedback. This sleek and minimalist theme is simple to install and configure while providing the essential features you’ll need to get your eCommerce up and running quickly. Simple is especially handy if your website has a “Shop” page, as this Shopify theme has a large area for displaying product images. 
  • Narrative – It is not only a Shopify theme, but it also expresses its distinguishing feature. The narrative is a type of storytelling that is specifically tailored to highlight your product. Its homepage features a full-width slideshow, a video, and a picture with text, giving it a very appealing appearance and a stronger impression on viewers. The layout of this theme is mobile-friendly. You can also personalize the home page with stunning layouts to suit your purposes. It comes with a free theme updating feature.
  • Brooklyn – Brooklyn is another Shopify-created theme. It uses a mobile-friendly design strategy so that you can expect excellent navigation on any device. If you have fewer products than a vast inventory, this theme is ideal. The fullscreen slideshow at the top of the page is an eye-catching section where you can display product photos. Because of its “mobile-first” attitude, Brooklyn functions exceptionally effectively on mobile devices.
  • Ella – The Ella Shopify theme is a professional, versatile theme that can be used for any type of store. Due to its design, the theme looks great on both desktop and mobile. It offers crucial eCommerce features like dynamic product filters, pre-built page segments, quick shop, rapid edit cart, suggested items, product bundles, and much more.
  • Glossier – The Glossier theme is one of the most popular Shopify themes. Because of its complicated and adaptive characteristics, the theme has also won the monthly best-seller award. This theme is delicate in nature and features a wide range of sale labels. This theme is ideal for showcasing your cosmetics and giving them a glam appearance. With this helpful theme, you may personalize your wellness and health blog and appeal to a younger demographic. 
  • Gecko – Gecko is a key trend, with numerous reviews praising the high quality of the design, theme adaptability, and customer service. There are various layouts and design options to pick from, much like all other themes we’ve recommended. However, Gecko’s design options differ substantially from one another, providing you with more alternatives and boosting the chances you’ll discover something you want.
  • Venture – Simple themes are popular because they may be used for a variety of purposes. However, there are instances when you’ll desire something different in terms of appearance and feel. The venture is a free Shopify theme with a solid outdoorsy vibe, making it an excellent choice if your product caters to the sports and adventure markets.


Many others are similar to these concepts. Each theme is distinct from the others, and you can select the ones that best suit your demands. Finally, when choosing a Shopify eCommerce platform theme, bear in mind that it should be simple and adaptable. For a positive start, it’s recommended to hire shopify eCommerce developers from India.

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