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The term ‘bonding’ is dentistry is used widely to describe various approaches of repairing and restoring a tooth or teeth. Bonding procedures mostly use filling material in the natural colour of the tooth. The material has a proper name – composite resin although it is often referred to as only composite by both dentists and their support staffs. Alternatively, you can call it bonding as it bonds or adheres to the natural structure of your tooth.

Composite allows dentists to create highly conservative and natural-looking restoration of your teeth. It does not require scrapping away or removing large amount of your natural tooth structure or the enamel. In contrast veneers and crowns require scarping away large portions of your natural tooth structure. As a matter of fact most of these cases require little roughening of the surface and reshaping of the enamel.  

The composite procedure is an excellent solution to the following issues related to cosmetic dentistry –

• Repairing chipped front teeth

• Resolve gapped teeth or close gaps between adjacent teeth

• Completely covering up the front surface of the tooth to enhance aesthetics

Whatever may be your reason to undergo the procedure, you should better be aware of the following facts before proceeding.

Desired shade or colour

It has already been mentioned above the composite filling material comes in the colour of your tooth. The item is available in a wide variant of colours. Thus you dentist has to carefully match it with the colour of your tooth. This is crucial so that your bonded tooth does not appear different to stand out from the rest. 

Of course you can get your desired colour of composite bonding material. If your teeth are already the colour your prefer then there is no point of consideration to focus upon.

But if you nurture intention of whiten the teeth in future, then you must not go for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Why? The reason is very simple. Composite or your bonded tooth will never whiten. If you have whitened the teeth after bonding a front tooth, the result is horribly disappointing. The bonded tooth will remain the same in terms of colour while the adjacent teeth will be shinier and whiter. The contrast will be too powerful to arrest attention. As the teeth will not match perfectly any more the bonding will standout displaying a darker shade.

So what is the solution? The solution is also pretty simple. If you want to whiten your teeth get that done before having any cosmetic dental work and particularly teeth bonding. 

Once your teeth are whitened to your desired level, there is 2 weeks locking period and then you proceed with bonding. Why is this 2-week locking period or waiting time considered important? This is because the chemicals used to whiten the teeth are likely to interfere with the bond between your tooth enamel and the composite. In order to avoid this unwanted inference the waiting time is important.

The shape you desire

Do you know a secret about composite bonding for which dentists prefer it more than many other procedures? It allows dentists recreate the natural shape of your teeth perfectly. The goal is to keep your treatment secret. In other words only you and your dentist are the only people in the world to know any dental work was done to your teeth. But what if you dislike the natural shape of your teeth? 

Composite bonding has its limitations. Thus in case you desire to reshape, rotate or realign a particular tooth, the bonding treatment may not be very helpful. In that case you must discuss your expectations with the dentist beforehand.  

As far as teeth bonding is concerned, the shape of the teeth that you desire is a crucial thing to consider before moving on with the procedure. Usually reshaping a tooth involves a lot of pre operative planning as well as removal of a chunk of your natural tooth structure or enamel.

Bruxism or teeth grinding at night while asleep

Bruxism is the scientific term for grinding or clenching the teeth. It is a very common problem for adults. The condition involves involuntarily squeezing the muscles of the jaw with very strong force. As a result the teeth are subjected to crack, chip and ever break. This is how the problem affects a healthy natural tooth. Bruxism may also crack, chip of break the composite material bonded to your tooth. 

In case you suffer from bruxism you should let that be known to your dentist beforehand. And there is nothing to worry. The dentist will instruct you to wear a mouth guard before going to sleep every day at night. It will save both your teeth as well as the bonded material from damage resulting from the bite forces.

In case you are not aware that you suffer from bruxism, then what are you going to do? There is nothing to worry yet again. Your dentist can recognise the signs and tell you that you have this problem. Thus you become aware about it. He or she recommends you wearing mouth guard and you follow that instruction to say goodbye to problems resulting from teeth grinding.

Para-functional habits of the teeth

A Para functional habit is the habit of using something beyond its intended functions. An example of Para functional habit for teeth is using the teeth besides speaking and chewing on foods. When you open or tear something with the teeth that is a Para functional habit. Opening beer bottles using the teeth, hairstylists holding bobby pins with the teeth, fishermen cutting the fishing line with the teeth are some of the common examples. Once you have undergone composite bonding procedure it is important to put a full stop to all the Para functional habits of your teeth. Else you have to seek dental appointments frequently to restore your chipped or cracked bonding. 

Chatfield Braces Clinic is one of the best destinations for affordable composite bonding in London. It has an excellent track record when this particular procedure is concerned.

Do you want to go for composite bonding?

  • Are your front teeth chipped?
  • Are there unwanted gaps between your teeth?
  • Do your teeth have discolouration issue that you want to hide?

If any of your answers is yes, then composite dental treatment is the right option for you. Feel free to contact us today!

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