3 Altcoins Gaining Hype In January 2022

The term “altcoin” stands for “alternative coins” that refers to cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. Each cryptocurrency has its own history and community. Some may turn out to be both useful and beneficial, and their prices may rise significantly over time. Many altcoins are created based on the foundation that is offered by Bitcoin.

The majority of altcoins are networked with a mining process in which users tackle complex issues to enable safe and low-cost ways to conduct web payments. Even though they share many characteristics, altcoins differ greatly from each other. Here we have mentioned some of the altcoins that comes just after the bitcoins:

Thousands of alternative coins have been created in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since then. Those cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin can be called “altcoin.” Ethereum is the most popular altcoin, and while the whole word (Ethereum coin) is used to refer to the entire blockchain network, the currency is referred to as Ether (ETH).

Altcoins| No. of Cryptocurrency

Altcoins can be classified in a variety of ways. As cryptocurrency is so new to the market, therefore its classifications are being changed from time to time.

Have a look at some of the altcoins categories classified below:


Stablecoins are a sort of cryptocurrency whose value is linked to a less volatile asset. Stablecoins are most frequently associated with a fiat currency, such as the US dollar. The stable coins are linked to old metals or some other cryptocurrencies. A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that is less volatile and more likely to link with other currencies.


Basically, this coin is named after social media jokes and has the trendiest altcoin amongst the community. Unlike Bitcoin, which is more closely linked to factors like scarcity and total potential market cap, meme coins frequently enter the crypto ecosystem in large amounts and are quickly purchased by eager trend-followers and influencers.

Utility Token

Within a platform, utility tokens are utilized to deliver services. They could be used to buy services, pay capital costs, or redeem prizes, for instance. Utility tokens, unlike digital coins, do not pay dividends or require an ownership investment. A utility token is something like Filecoin, which is used to buy network storage capacity. Ether is the most adaptable utility currency, allowing users to pay for digital art, create currencies, and more on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is recognised for collecting a “gas fee” as a service fee to bear the expenses of information processing. Filecoin is another utility token that can be used to buy storage space on the Filecoin blockchain network. Some people think of blockchain storing documents as a more decentralized version of popular cloud storage solutions like Google Drive.

Tokens of Security

They are similar to stocking different types of securities, with the exception that they have a virtual origin. They are similar to traditional stocks that offer holders equity in the form of ownership. The potential for such cryptocurrencies to appreciate in value is a big incentive for investors to participate in them.

Final thoughts

Altcoins are the cryptocurrency that most investors rely on. Ethereum’s are well-known, and the vast majority of the more than 10,000 altcoins are available in the market. However, before engaging in them, investors should do proper research. People who are good at investing in the overall market can use Altcoins. Before stepping into crypto, you need to learn about DeFi and have to start learning about the other kinds of altcoins and how they work.

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