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The most popular sports in the world

What are the most popular sports in different English-speaking countries?

Undoubtedly one of the places in the world more prone to sports and offers a range of sports to leave you spoiled for choice. The most popular are cricket, tennis and water sports such as swimming and surfing. Not surprisingly, every year, the world stops to watch the Australian Open tennis tournament in Sydney and sailing regattas.

Winter polar rigid and have been able to make a strong point. Winter sports are in fact one of the flagships of the nation. Last year, Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics. Very popular is the Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. The latter aims to score a goal like hockey, only that is played on a field with sticks planted in the ground to hold the ball and raise.

Where to start talking about sports in America! It is the country with the largest number of sports in the world, starting from athletics, practiced in many schools in the U.S.. The 3 major sports in the U.S. are American Football, Baseball and Basketball on. The Superbowl is known as the most famous sporting event in all over the World, the New York Yankees are one of the best known brands globally as well as Chicago Bull s. And even the American athletes, icons become popular all over the globe, think about Michael Jordan!

If you love football, football, or soccer as it is, this is the perfect place! Not just football was invented here but it is undoubtedly the most popular sport, enjoyed by people of all ages. If you choose to study with Kaplan in the UK, you can watch the matches of Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal. Only in London, you can visit as many as 15 stages between teams from Serie A and B, what are you waiting? The premier league is waiting for you! Not just football, however. The Rugby is very popular in the UK, not surprisingly, the 6 Nations tournament sees Scotland, Wales and England play a prominent role every year.

Generally known for sports such as Gaelic Hurling, Rounders, Gaelic handball and Gaelic Football. The 'Hurling is the traditional sport par excellence, having been practiced for over 2000 years. Gaelic football is very popular, so much so that the final - All Ireland Football Final-annually attracts up to 80,000 spectators at Croke Park, and the millions watching on TV.

In the 'island of Malta, football is one of the sports most famous and popular though, are very popular extreme sports such as climbing rocks or go hang gliding.

New Zealand
Here the national sport is Rugby. The team of the All Blacks is famous all over the world and their Maori dance, praying before games, scares even before you start the game, also known as the Haka!

If you like playing with wooden logs on their shoulders, bundles of hay in the air or large heavy stones then Scotland is the place for you! The Highland Games have been played for hundreds of years and also hosts the annual meetings of the American veterans. Every year, the best golfers in the world like Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer play the championship at St Andrews, the oldest and most important golf tournament in the world: The Open Championship.

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