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Style rules to be followed

But how do you dress? It 's the battle cry, and the title of the program where the two conductors, experts in style, trying to bring the straight path of sinners and sinners bad taste. But the people who come under their shot, as opposed to what you might think, are not only embarrassing "human" is often simply a matter of people, completely absorbed by a busy life, have refused to carve out some ' of time to think about leaders and combinations, or that have stopped adolescence, when with jeans, sneakers and T-shirts we felt relatively fine, or even, for superficiality or laziness, wrong sizes and cuts wearing clothes unfit for their physical.

Not everyone has the passion for fashion and are willing to invest time and money in order to be always impeccable as celebrities. But what the rules are very basic style? We have selected a few.

Fashion in small doses
Often people who dress worse are those that gather input and modeled fashion slavishly, albeit in a completely free-of-context. One of the most typical examples are the skinny jeans: it is true that "they immediately fashion", but it is also true that not donate at all to the vast majority of people.

Unlikely teenagers
If we feel that a piece of clothing is too "girlish" for us, even though we only thirty years, it is probably true. We do not listen to the hard-working assistant who tries to make us believe the opposite: that head is unlikely that we will never feel at ease. Moreover, even the dress appropriate for the age is a relative concept. We may have only twenty years but we feel great in a suit, almost everything that makes us feel good is worth to be worn.

The black
The black streamlines, and also is almost always a chic and sophisticated. So if we do not have very clear ideas in style and combinations, do not hesitate to use it as a passe-partout, be careful not to look like a funeral decoration and always paying attention to the different shades of black leaders and the juxtaposition of fabrics . .

Who spends more spend less
Only those who have good taste and a strong personality in dress can do business on the stalls of garments to 10 euro. If you do not fit in the category, best to buy only clothes of good quality to avoid the low cost.

Ephemeral trends
Let us always remember that trends, especially the most extreme, usually short-lived. Well then buy a trendy head, but remembering to put it in the basement when the trend is over.

New look
Even a look too neutral experts advise against style: a good match must include at least one item that reflects our personality. Do some test is not too difficult, then: we can start putting in our wardrobe a fancy blouse or a bag in a bright color.

Not only fashion
Let us always remember that the secret of appearance comes from within rather than from outside. Be serene people, positive and balanced, gives us' more light than any expensive accessory.

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