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How to wear this year's Celebrity Fashion - Style without breaking the bank

When saving money is so trendy like wearing the boot last statement, finding Celebrity Fashion clothes that is affordable and chic is a breeze!


This year, the hottest styles may surprise you. Although the 'Maxi dress, flowing and figure forgiveness, has been around for several seasons, is still as popular as the debut of the first season. Leather is also in for 2012, and, unlike previous years, the latest trends in skin rose to a whole new level to define your identity couture. From leather pants, dresses, tops cage, skirts, shorts, coats, capes, vests, and yes, even suits, leather paired with leather boots thigh high is the maximum. For a bold look in a way that screams 2012, try adding neon colors to your wardrobe that will highlight your chic attitude and attention to the latest Celebrity Fashion Styles. It. . . do not forget boyfriend jeans and sculpted straps

2012 Fall Trend checklist and wardrobe
Classic leather skirt.
thigh high leather boots or boot statement.
Traffic Safety separates.
Khaki clothing.
Tassel scarves.
Bold shirts padded shoulder straps.
The various styles of dresses Maxi.
Boyfriend jeans or late sixties.

1.  Maximize your look! Maxi dresses are still on sale in the windows of department stores or discount stores for half the price! The Maxi is so convenient, you can easily pack your closet with all Celebrity Fashion styles.

2 . Skin-on-skin. skin now is the right shape with classic lines and styles that contours of your body bodacious curves. Wear a statement boot or mix-n-match with thigh high leather boots to look confident and Red Hot! Since the colors of traffic safety also hot this year, try highlighting your black leather skirt with neon separates or wear a light scarf tassel from the GAP.

3. When the count for the safety of traffic!-Even if road safety is is important, do not forget to add these colors to your wardrobe. Celebrity Fashion experts suggest highlight your look by wearing neon and khaki separates.

4. Boyfriend jeans and the end of the sixties are a hot topic for 2012. Try hijacking wardrobe of your mother, or trying to get them at your local thrift stores. Otherwise, boyfriend jeans purchase from a store of his favorite to look like a runway model

5 . Literally, top up your look with the addition pi ¨ 'hot this year-! . Bold shoulder. Unlike the eighties shoulder pads, shoulder pads this year are more like the latest trend in skin-which are sculpted in a different way than in the past, to give you the edge you've always wanted in bold

Tips & Warnings

  • Fashion Dont's DO: Wear appropriate age get-up. If you have more, try to look your age without looking like a grandfather. In addition, some aging celebrities try to hijack clothes for her daughter and this is considered a fashion no-no! Also, if you are young, wear Celebrity Fashion looks ahead and not bog down your look with bright lines and unflattering cover-up.
  • Updated every pair of jeans in your closet with trendy accessories or fashion forward separates.
  • Be careful when shopping. In addition, wearing the colors of traffic safety while walking down the street would increase the risk of crossing the road with success (that is ... if you pay attention to the signs of traffic safety and not talking or texting on your phone phone).